Is Limited Assistance Representation or LAR Right for YOU?

LAR is an affordable way to obtain the advice and assistance of counsel without breaking the bank. It is essentially like having a concierge lawyer available to guide you through all or part of your domestic relations needs, including a Divorce, Complaint for Modification, Complaint for Parenting Time/Support, Complaint for Paternity or a Complaint for Contempt.

Limited Assistance Representation allows a person to hire counsel for a limited purpose or isolated hearing scheduled in one of the many Probate & Family Courts in Massachusetts. It requires a smaller retainer than full representation and allows the client to dictate exactly what services they would like assistance with. Alternatively, clients can hire LAR certified attorneys to serve as a consultant, meaning they can assist with settlement negotiations, or aid in drafting Complaints, Motions, Pre Trial Conference Memorandum and/or Separation Agreements.

LAR is the perfect option when one needs help drafting discovery, preparing for a Pre Trial Conference or dealing with a hostile spouse, or (soon to be) former significant other.

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