“Foley and MacAdie PC truly gets to know you and your situation. Their knowledge, confidence, and willingness to answer your every question, is invaluable. I was very happy with my choice to hire them to represent me”
— Danielle

“Foley & Macadie law firm was exactly what I was looking for in divorce attorneys. They are a family firm and know family law very well, so they were able to respectfully protect my family’s dignity, while providing me with professional advice from their years of experience, coupled with consistent strength to get me to my personal end goals.
From the initial intake interview to the finalization of the divorce, this firm listens first and then helps guide you through the necessary legal actions foreign to us laypeople, without wasting a lot of time. Questions were always answered quickly and thoughtfully via either email or phone and when they tell you they will be with you every step of the way, they mean it.
The most important goal for me was to end my marriage with respect and dignity for myself and my child, as well as for my ex-husband and his children, and that is exactly what this firm is committed to providing. Deciding to end my marriage and break apart my family was the hardest decision I have had to make in my adult life. Choosing Foley& Macadie, P.C. was easy!”
— Denise