Family Law Mediation

We believe that it is very important for couples who are facing the challenges of divorce, paternity actions or modifications in support or parenting schedules to have the opportunity to work together with the assistance of a mediator to resolve the issues, rather than just view litigation as the only path.

Often, it may be that the parties wish to avoid the financial and emotional expense of litigation. Other times, parties may feel that it is important to them that they compromise their differences and while their agreement may well be imperfect, they believe that it is better to craft their own resolution rather than live with a court imposed decision.

At our law firm, we firmly believe that offering this alternative to litigation provides our clients with a variety of problem solving paths, which all clients deserve. We are proud that both Attorney Jessica MacAdie and Attorney Kathleen Foley have been certified as a family law mediators. They have provided many clients with a variety of pathways to solve their disagreements and reach a satisfactory result. In addition, all of our attorneys regularly work with mediators to assist our clients in reaching agreements without court assistance. We believe that the mediation forum often provides a more emotionally satisfying path to a fair and equitable agreement than going to trial. 

Please note, our office is now offering remote mediation services utilizing the user-friendly, free, video-conferencing app, Zoom. If you are having difficulty logging into your remote mediation session, please contact our office and we would be happy to assist you!

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Our clients tell us that contacting us was the best decision they made in handling their family law issues.

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