If you are paying or receiving child support, then the new Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines may have an affect on your child support order!

Every couple years, the Massachusetts Court system issues their new Child Support Guidelines, which obviously has a big impact on how child support is calculated. However, the new guidelines can also have an impact on child support orders already in place!

IN FACT, if your current child support order is no longer in line with the new guidelines, this could allow you to seek a modification from the Court.

The new guidelines will be effective as of September 15, 2017 and the new formula significantly changes the way support is calculated.

For example, parties who pay for insurance and/or child care will now receive more consideration from the Courts when support is calculated. Another big change is the adjustments made for children who are over eighteen. If you are paying child support and make contributions towards insurance and/or childcare or have a child over eighteen, it may be worth setting up a meeting with an attorney to determine how your child support order could be affected.

Please contact us if you would like our assistance in helping you determine if the new Child Support Guidelines benefit you and your family. We look forward to hearing from you today!


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