Let Us Help You Represent Yourself

Do you have a pressing family law issue, but can’t afford an attorney to represent you?


Attorneys can be expensive and we understand that not everyone can afford it. That’s why we offer LIMITED ASSISTANCE REPRESENTATION.

But, WHAT IS Limited Assistance Representation?

Instead of hiring an attorney to handle your case in full, you can pick and choose exactly which tasks you would like an attorney to assist you with. This allows clients to obtain the advice and assistance of counsel without breaking the bank! 

  •  Do you need help filing/serving documents? We can do that. 
  • Do you need advice about the next steps? We can do that. 
  • Do you need help with settlement negotiations? We can do that. 
  • Do you need help drafting a Motion? We can do that.
  • Do you need an attorney to prepare you for an upcoming Court appearance? We can do that. 
  • Do you need assistance preparing your Financial Statement? We can do that. 
  • Do you need help with the discovery process? We can do that.
  • Do you need help drafting legal correspondence? We can do that.
  • Do you need an attorney to review a settlement proposal? We can do that. 
  • Do you need an attorney to accompany you to a specific Court hearing? We can do that.

Having an limited assistance attorney is just like having a concierge lawyer!

Your limited assistance attorney will be available to guide you through all of part of your family law matter, including divorce, custody or child support proceedings, paternity matters, and issues of contempt or modifications. The best part is- YOU GET TO DECIDE!

Having a limited assistance attorney allows you to have the control while also saving $$$!

When utilizing limited assistance representation, we not only require a much smaller retainer, but the clients gets to determine exactly how their money is spent. 

It’s the perfect option for anyone on a budget! 

All attorneys in our office are certified to provide Limited Assistance Representation. Call Today (978) 263-4160 if you’d like to learn more about Limited Assistance Representation.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


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