Restraining Orders

Restraining or Protective Orders are frequently implemented to protect a party from emotional abuse, threat of physical harm and/or physical harm from another party. In domestic relations matters, restraining or protective orders are implemented, among other purposes, to deny a party access to the victim’s home, to prohibit an abusive party from contact with the children, to remove the abusive party’s right to possess a firearm, and to provide the victim the ability to have the abusive party arrested upon any violation of the protective order. If you or your children have been abused or you live in fear of abuse, the Court is ready to offer you and/or your children protection. We recognize that it is a difficult decision to make but we are here to help get you the protection you are entitled to. Sometimes when an abusive person understands that a restraining order will be sought, that person can be persuaded to leave the home, thus beginning to address the problem. But in other cases, an emergency order must be obtained and it will be granted if the facts support the request.

We can discuss with you the appropriate measures to take to protect yourself and your children from your abuser, including filing for a restraining or protective order or negotiating a separation and stay away agreement.

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