Let us help you embrace a new day.
Let us help you embrace a new day.

Let us help you embrace a new day.

Knowledge, Compassion, Experience

We understand the severe impact this pandemic has had on families and we are committed to providing whatever assistance we can during this unprecedented time. Our office has recently reopened and we remain at the ready to meet with clients in a safe and socially-distant setting. We also have the capacity to hold client meetings via Zoom, a user-friendly video conferencing platform that is free to download and use, if that is preferable.

If you are a current or prospective client, please contact us via telephone (978-263-4160) or e-mail (office@foleymacadiepc.com) and let us know how we can help.

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Our team of lawyers provide you
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Whether it is a divorce, a paternity or child support matter, an abusive relationship, a modification, or any one of the many reasons someone needs representation, often there are feelings of being overwhelmed and being on an emotional roller coaster. We understand the personal emotional challenges as well as your concern for your family.


We truly understand how hard it is to call a lawyer, no matter what you have been going through. We know how incredibly hard it is to find a law firm that feels like a “good fit” for you and to address your situation. We are here to listen to you and work for you by presenting as many viable options as possible to resolve the issues you are confronting. We never forget we are working for you and are always grateful for your confidence in us. We want all of our clients to feel that we are their team. We want you to feel empowered by having us to assist you. We will give you all of the information possible so that you always feel well informed.

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Foley and MacAdie PC truly gets to know you and your situation. Their knowledge, confidence, and willingness to answer your every question, is invaluable. I was very happy with my choice to hire them to represent me.

– Danielle

Kathleen Ann Foley and her team worked diligently to get us to an acceptable outcome in a very difficult case. I am still surprised that they were able to help us after I had already given up.

– Kim

They were able to respectfully protect my family’s dignity, while providing me with professional advice from their years of experience, coupled with consistent strength to get me to my personal end goals.

– Denise

Full Service Massachusetts Family Law Firm

Our lawyers represent people in domestic relations matters primarily in
Suffolk, Middlesex, Norfolk, Essex and Worcester counties.

We are here to
help every step
of the way

Team Centered Approach

We pride ourselves on offering the quality and experience found in Boston family law firms and do so while providing an easily accessible office in Acton. Our team approach to the practice of law means that our clients receive access to the combined experience of all attorneys in a cost-effective manner.

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Our clients tell us that contacting us was the best decision they made in handling their family law issues.

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Family Law

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